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Ever done any shopping?  It’s hard to find items where the price matches up with how much you think it is worth.  Some people pay TONS of money for something others think is just a waste.  Value is a tricky thing.

In this series, your kids will learn that there are some things that are MORE than worth the price we pay for them.  We aren’t talking about a toy dinosaur or a fancy rubix cube or anything you can buy on the internet.  We are talking about things that are so valuable you can’t put a price on them.  They are PRICELESS!

One of those things is the souls of people.  A SOUL is that part of us that will live forever, even after we die.  The Bible says that our souls will either live forever in Heaven with Jesus OR they will spend eternity in punishment in Hell along with the devil and his angels.

It’s our job to tell others about Jesus’ love.  He loves EVERY SOUL and wants EVERY SOUL to spend eternity with Him in Heaven by receiving Jesus as their Savior.  It’s not always easy to spread the good news of Jesus.  Sometimes it costs us time, money, and more.  But it’s worth whatever price we have to pay to tell others about Jesus.  Because every person’s soul is PRICELESS!

We pray that your kids enjoy this series and that they learn to view every soul as PRICELESS!


  • “No Price Is Too High”
  • “Trust In Jesus”
  • “Jesus’ Love Is Priceless”

Bible Stories:

  • Pastor Martin From Madagascar
  • Pastor Gonzalo from Ecuador
  • Zechariah Medonge From Africa

Power Verses:

  • Acts 20:24
  • Proverbs 3:5
  • John 3:16

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