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CY is pleased to announce…

Triple P Positive Parenting

Education Classes

Accredited Practitioner: Emilie Scharf

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Wednesdays from 7-8p.m. in Suite 201

Each class is only available to the first 16 parents/guardians to register with Kristen. Registration is $10 which cover a required workbook.


Class 1: Reducing Family Conflict

(Wednesdays August 21st & 28th)

It will examine the issues of fighting between siblings, but also looks at conflict among family members more broadly.  Parents are encouraged to share their experiences of family conflict situation and discuss why these sometimes occur.  It introduces positive parenting strategies that parents can use to prevent problems by teaching children to get along with each other and resolve problems, deal with sibling conflict and also to manage those times when conflict affects the whole family.


Class 2: Getting Teenagers to Cooperate

(Wednesdays September 18th & 25th)

It will provide examples of common forms of non-cooperation and some reasons why teenagers become uncooperative.  Several positive parenting strategies are then introduced to help parents develop a personal plan to promote cooperation and manage non-cooperation when necessary.


Class 3: Coping with Teenagers Emotions

(Dates TBD)

It will encourage parents to explore their experiences of living with an emotional teenager and discuss some of the reasons which can trigger emotional reactions.  It covers the skills that teenagers need to be able to calm themselves when things happen that they don’t like.  It then introduces positive parenting strategies to help teenagers learn to better manage their emotions.



Class 4: Building Teenagers’ Survival Skills

(Dates TBD)

This will explore how teenagers can get into trouble and what they need to learn to recognize risky situations and avoid them or manage them if they can’t be avoided.  Parents are provided with a series of steps to work through with their teenagers using positive parenting strategies to plan for a situation which may potentially put the teenager’s health or wellbeing at risk.